Moving to a carbon-neutral environment is easy with a vision and a plan.

When will Premier Brian Pallister and his government stop playing cat-and-mouse with the federal government about how Manitoba will reduce carbon emissions? It’s time for a vision with a clear plan and direction. How about one that takes Manitoba’s incredible hydroelectric resource to create a model that will drastically reduce the province’s emissions while it generates and enhances green industry in our province?

New Flyer Industries produces electric buses and other transport vehicles. Let’s start there and support Manitoba cities with the purchases of these fleets and the infrastructure required to support this change. Let’s further market these EVs across North America to the countless cities that are also electrifying public transportation. Let’s create a lot of good Manitoba jobs while we’re at it.

Let’s plan for incentives that help Manitobans purchase EVs, and charging stations for their homes, along with other home improvements that help to heat and retrofit our homes and other buildings.

Reducing carbon emissions is such an incredible opportunity for our province to lead in creating new jobs and a cleaner more sustainable environment.

It’s time to get it done. Premier Pallister, it’s time to make a plan based on this vision. Use all of the federal dollars offered and use the revenue generated by the good people of the province of Manitoba to create a sustainable and bright future we can all prosper from and be proud of.

Lori Tighe