Posted: 12/19/2018

In this article, there is an inherent assumption that Manitoba Hydro could be easily privatized. This is no longer a straightforward alternative. Hydro’s rates are increasing and would also do so as an investor-owned company, likely even more rapidly.

In any case, consumers of electricity will take matters into their own hands and make use of the decreasing costs of solar generation and wall batteries. All to minimize their use of Hydro grid electricity with its rising costs.

What is to be done? Firstly, deliver as much of our excess electricity as possible into the Manitoba economy instead of selling it underpriced outside the province for others to build their competitive economies on our subsidy.

Secondly, to increase Hydro’s value to us, completely revise the archaic Manitoba Hydro Act with its monopolistic powers that were great in former times, but which are now a millstone around our necks.

Let the debate begin.

Dennis Woodford

Manitoba Energy Council

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Dennis Woodford always offers a well considered opinion. His letter entitled "Rethink Hydro practices" introduces some fresh thinking into the dialog.